Charlotte NC Engagement | Rob & Katie | Charlotte, NC Engagement Photographer

November 17, 2019

These two cuties met in high school!! Im up to a handful of high school sweet hearts getting married for this coming year and I love it! Looking back at my own life, I changed sooooo much at every step, from high school to college, to leaving my first college to finishing…from 20s into now my 30s… there have been so many changes, for the better, that I have gone through but a few significant relationships that had to happen in order for me become the amazing wife I am today! 😉 lol!

So when I have couples that tell me they met in high school and they have made it since such a young age, Im in awe of them! Im in awe of their ability to grow together through the years and prioritize their relationship and each other to make it work. Isnt that amazing?!

Add Katie & Rob to the list of couples that amaze me. They are so sweet together, so kind, loving and funny! I loved being able to hang out with them and photograph their magic! 💗