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March 29, 2022

What’s the Difference + How to Choose Your Wedding Type | Charlotte Wedding Photographers

The pandemic completely flipped the script for the wedding industry. Even just five years ago, traditional weddings were the norm, with a few unconventional weddings here and there. But now, we see a little bit of everything as Charlotte wedding photographers. Couples are thinking out of the box and celebrating their marriage ways that best fit their personal preferences and family situations. They’re mindful of loved ones and committed to having the wedding day of their dreams—their way.

That being said, unconventional weddings are not thrown together or less-than in any way. Couples and wedding professionals are still finding creative ways to pull off gorgeous designs to fit the occasion and venue. Opting for a micro wedding doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style, pretty photos, or overall wedding day experience. The logistics and design are simply coordinated differently than for large traditional weddings.

As Charlotte wedding photographers, we’re here to help you determine the best type of wedding for you. If you’re weighing your options between an elopement, micro wedding, and traditional wedding, here’s what you need to know:

3 Types of Weddings | Elopement, Micro Wedding, + Traditional Wedding

What is an Elopement Wedding?

Elopements are not what they used to be. Years ago, most elopements were spontaneous and secretive. But now, elopement weddings are a fun way for couples to venture out uninhibited by venue or guest count restrictions. You can still keep certain wedding traditions if you prefer, such as wedding attire, florals, and a wedding arch—you can even have a wedding aisle with cake and champagne toasts afterward. Elopement weddings are experience and location-driven, eliminating any financial constraints and social pressures. Now, many wedding planners and photographers offer elopement wedding packages, too.

Different kinds of elopements:

Courthouse Wedding Ceremony

You don’t have to sacrifice design here either! Wear the white dress, bring your bouquet, and cut the cake after. Shooting post-nuptial portraits downtown and around the Charlotte courthouse are a great way to preserve memories and celebrate your marriage.

Destination Elopement

Some adventurous couples prefer to tie the knot at a scenic overlook in the Blue Ridge Mountains or a sandy beach on the Outer Banks. As local Charlotte wedding photographers, we’re happy to help you find the perfect location for your elopement.

Residential, Backyard, or Family Estate Elopement

Prefer to keep things simple and intimate? A small elopement wedding at your home or your childhood home can be a meaningful location to say, “I do!”

How many guests attend an elopement?

An elopement wedding can just be the two of you, plus the officiant and photographer and/or witness; or you could bring along your nearest and dearest if the location allows. Some elopement weddings include small wedding parties.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is just as it sounds. It still has many of the same components of a large traditional wedding but on a smaller scale. Micro weddings are often a bit shorter, have fewer people in attendance, and usually involve a cocktail reception as opposed to a seated dinner. 

Benefits of a Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is a simplified wedding. The design is still there, but everything is scaled back a bit. Micro weddings are budget-friendly alternatives that typically involve preset micro wedding packages. The venue, vendors, and design are already in place for you. If you like the idea of a traditional wedding but want less stress and less planning, a micro wedding might be for you.

How many guests attend a micro wedding?

Technically, a micro wedding has 50 guests or fewer, but it’s your wedding day so feel free to bend the rules. However, if you’re purchasing a micro wedding package, make sure your guest list fits within the package or venue limits.

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What is a Traditional Wedding?

A traditional wedding has all the bells and whistles. While you can certainly plan a traditional wedding on your own, it’s easiest with a wedding planner who can help you coordinate vendors and curate a beautiful wedding design that fits the venue and guest count. 

If tradition is a priority and you want all of your friends and family there to celebrate with you, a traditional wedding is probably the best way to go. Whether you dream of twirling across an elegant ballroom in a swanky uptown venue like the Grand Bohemian Hotel or watching the sun set behind rows of grape vines at a breathtaking venue like Raffaldini Vineyards, you deserve the wedding day you’ve always imagined. 

How many guests attend traditional weddings?

There’s quite a range for traditional wedding guest counts. In general, most traditional weddings have between 100-200 people in attendance. Ultimately, you want to be sure that your venue can comfortably host your guest count.

Best Charlotte Wedding Venues

Some of the top Charlotte venues for traditional weddings include:

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