Craggy Gardens Engagement | Brad & Rachel | Asheville NC Elopement Photographer

June 30, 2019

It’s so funny to me when a man gets out of a car totally not mentally prepared for photos (sorry Brad…Im tellin your story! 🤣). In Brad’s defense, his team just lost their game and his college team was in the middle of playing when service vanished in the mountains (no more Saturday sessions during college football season! lol). Plus most guys aren’t jumping up and down for photos, lets just be honest.

So when Brad got out and was telling me how photos weren’t his favorite activity, I wasn’t shocked but I laughed it off and told him I would try my best to make it a good time and help him forget about the camera. Not 10 minutes later, Brad was dubbed “the posing King”! 🙌 Shout out to my guys who come in not feeling it and end up getting down when they realize I just make it fun and we get to know each other!

Brad and Rachel met in college when his fraternity and her sorority were matched up for homecoming. Rachel immediately took a little liking to Brad and would joke with her girlfriends about him. One time she joked about him being the one to take her home from a party and low and behold, there he was ready to give her a ride home! It was that ride that Rachel, with a little liquid courage, made herself really known to him, and the rest was history…

These two are so fun to be around and I loved photographing their Craggy Gardens engagement! Rachel is a true beauty, in every way!! Brad and his made for radio voice definitely helped us to keep laughing. They started off the session with Rachel surprising Brad with a letter she secretly wrote to him when they first started dating, and then reading old cards they had given each other…too too sweet!

Side note, thank you for the margaritas and salsa that night you two!! You know the way to this girls heart! ❤️