Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Engagement | Michael & Amy | Charlotte Engagement Photographer

November 20, 2019

Ok I fibbed, this isnt an engagement session (SEO probs! sorry!!), it’s actually Michael & Amy’s 1 year wedding anniversary!! Give it up!!! Yes you! Clap, right now, while you’re reading this… 👏

One year, and every year of marriage should actually be celebrated!! Its not always easy and it can be a roller coaster, but figuring it out together and working on a married that will last through all the things, that’s something to for sure celebrate! So, congratulations to Michael & Amy!! You two are amazing together. So sweet, loving, and playful! I loved our time together and literally could not stop taking photos!!

Amy is the (gorgeous) event planner at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, if youre a bride to be reading this blog post. They are a local Charlotte garden and wedding venue and the grounds are sooooo pretty! I mean wait until you see these photos, that we shot in winter…at a garden! It still looks this pretty when all things are looking barren for winter! Can you imagine spring and summer! Gorgeous!

Michael is a Charlotte realtor, so give him a holla when youre ready for a home!

…and now…Michael & Amy, and their ridiculously cute and sexiness! ❤️

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